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Friday, September 2, 2016

Review: Meet The Sleek Gionee P5W First And Only Hands On Review

Hi guys, am happy to bring you the first ever hands on review on Kasysleek Blog. 

The review is on a device only few blogs have written on. 

While composing my review i did a search and found out that no blog as ever done a hands on review on the product and that baffles me cos this device in question is very sleek and from a well known brand that is Gionee hence the title.

No.. Its not Gionee's  M5 or other high end gionee product but rather its a budget phone the Gionee P5W or Gionee pioneer P5W. 

Gionee P5W hands on review

Am guessing most of you dont know much about the device well this article cover's it all. 

From Photos to Specs to performance this article gives you the full detail on the Gionee P5W. 





                      THE DESIGN

Gionee gave me a good first impression. 
The design of the gionee P5 is what got me writing the review and of cos you guys. 

The device is made of plastic..... Yes plastic.
The P5W is a sleek stylish device that will make you look twice when you see someone holding it, atleast i almost did it.

With a screen size of 5.0 inches and resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels with an IPS touchscreen display to give sharp and clear image.

Perfect for movie watching,  video streaming and lots.

            How The Gionne P5W Feels
                    When Holding It

The Gionne P5W has a nice grip its neither thin nor bulky nope, the Gionee is very sleek, it's just 8.9 milimetres and 153 gram.

The design is colorful with differences colors to suit your taste.
Though mine is the gold color. 

              VIEWS FROM THE SIDE

All the button were smartly place on the right side of the phone that is the volume and power buttons.


House the 3.5mm jack earphone port.

Gionee p5w specs and review


Houses the USB charger port.

                          THE BACK

Houses the 5 megapixels camera and led flash light.
Gionee p5w hand on review and specs

                       OTHER SPECS

                       THE CAMERA

The camera of the Gionee P5W is something special,although it just 5 megapixel it still gives super clear shots.

See photos of pic taken.

Check out the front camera shot

Yes am not a selfie junkie...hehehehe

Not bad for a 5 megapixel camera. 
Nice right Gionee does not let down in its camera spec.

                RAM AND PERFORMANCE

The P5W come with 1GB of ram and a 1.3GHz professor nice for game play. Although if you are a heavy gamer you may experience lagging and hanging over time.
If you are just an average game then you dont need to worry.

The P5W comes with 16GB ROM and can also take up to 128GB microSD card for storage expansion.


The p5w come with android version 5.1 lollipop which is ok don't know if it's upgradable yet.

                       THE BATTERY

Sadly the p5w packs 2000mAh  replaceable battery, not much though but last for a couple of hours on 3G browsing and movie watching.

But on normal usage it can last longshot

If your are looking to buy a device with high battery specs,  sorry the p5w is not the one.


The p5w has a inbuilt storage capacity of 16GB which is actually quite nice.


Network- 2G and 3G enabled.
Dual Sim Slots.

What else could you want from a budget phone.


Design 7.5 / 10

Processor and Ram: 6. 0/ 10

Battery: 4 / 10

Camera 6. 0/10

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