Sunday, January 15, 2017

Paul Pogba Becomes The First Premier League Player To Have His Own Emoji

Manutd Player Paul Pogba now has his own twitter emoji.
Check out his tweet and pic of the emoji.

paul pogba twitter emoji
Its seems twitter wants to spice things up by using the power of football to build or increase engagement which is actually quite clever.

Cool Emoji Tho...

Friday, January 13, 2017

Meet The Nokia 6, The First Nokia Android To Be Released In 2017

Meet the First Nokia android to be released in 2017.
Nokia is coming back with a bang as they about to drop of the there flagship, the Nokia 6 a mid range device that will definitely get your attention.

See Pics below
The Wait Is Over: Meet The First Nokia Android To Be Released In 2017


* 4GB Ram

* Finger Print Scanner


*16 MegaPixel Camera


The N6 is made of aluminum unibody with a 5.5inches screen size ( 70.7% screen to body ratio)

nokia n6 android specs

The Nokia N6 comes with 4GB of Ram and 64GB storage which is quite impressive for a mid range device. 

The Back of the N6 Carries the finger print scanner and the 16 Mega Pixel camera and a 8 Mega Pixel front camera for selfies.

nokia n6 android specs

The N6 will sell on for a price of 1,999 CNY that is $245 about N75,000.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Meet The Gionne M2017 Android Phone That Cost Over $2000, Almost 1 Million Naira

Meet the Gionee M2017.
Gionee"s latest flagship with a very big battery, but that's not the main reason am writing this article.

Apart from the big battery and obviously cool specifications the M2017 has something that will make your jaw drop which is the price.

See Photos below.

Meet The Gionne M2017 Android

There is a reason the Gionee is has such price tag one of which is the big battery.

The Gionee M2017 is packed with double 3500mAh batter this is 7000mAh battery lasting hours upon hours of use.

With a size of 5.7inchs and a resolution of 2550 x 1440 plus 6GB of RAM.
Thats not all the Gionee M2017 has dual rear camera of 12MP and 13MP plus 8MP front facing camera, plus other Amazing specifications.

Meet The Gionne M2017 Android Phone

Although its only available in China here are its equivalent in US dollars.

             : 256 STORAGE VERSION COST $2446 

converting $2444 to Naira that's 978,400 few days back now 769,811.

What do you think should the M2017  be made available in Nigeria?


Monday, December 26, 2016

Top 10 Most Searched Android Phones By Nigerians On Google In 2016

2016 is almost over and we've seen different phone brands drop their hottest flagships.
the competition is tough and no one wants to the behind.

Here is a list of top ten most searched android phone of 2016.

1. Iphone 7

Topping the list is the main product from the Apple company, the Iphone 7.

Top 10 Most Searched Android Phones Of 2016

2.Infinix Note 3

Top 10 Most Searched Android Phones Of 2016

3.Samsung S7

4.Camon C9

Top 10 Most Searched Android Phones Of 2016

5.Infinix Hot 4

Top 10 Most Searched Android Phones Of 2016

6.Tecno Boom J8

Top 10 Most Searched Android Phones Of 2016

7.Infinix Hot 2

Top 10 Most Searched Android Phones Of 2016

8.Infinix Zero 3

Top 10 Most Searched Android Phones Of 2016
9.Tecno W4

Top 10 Most Searched Android Phones Of 2016

10.Tecno W3

Top 10 Most Searched Android Phones Of 2016

About 80 percent of the phones mentioned above are all Tecno and Infinix, this goes to show how much Nigerians love Chinese products.

Whats your favourite phone for 2016,,for me it is the Samsung S7, Camon C9 and Hot 4.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

How To Unlike All Facebook Page At Once, The Easy Guide

How to unlike all facebook pages at once, facebook unliker


With over 700 million users, FaceBook has become the biggest social networking sites. It is certainly the biggest platform that keeps users engaged on the net for a longer duration. 

FaceBook contains some amazing pages that are mostly liked by everyone. These pages provide you with different information and entertainment like celebrity buzz, recent news, General Knowledge, GIFs, Horoscope, funny jokes, interesting facts, political information, educational knowledge and much more. Liking these pages allow you to get access to the pages which will obviously provide you with best knowledge and entertainment information in one go.

However, unliking these pages can be quite tricky. For your knowledge let me tell you that Facebook allows users to like only 5000 pages per account as liking more pages can make it cumbersome to check important information.

So if you want to unlike all the pages you have to do that one by one which can be time consuming in this hectic schedule. So what can be the solution for this?

FaceBook Page Unliker Tool

FaceBook page unliker tool enables you to unlike all the liked pages at once. So if you have liked hundreds of pages on FaceBook then it's time to unlike them at once. This will allow you to get a better timeline as well as help you find important stuff on your page easily.

How to use FaceBook unliker Tool?

Toolkit for FaceBook enables you to go through some amazing features in which one it included Unliking all FaceBook pages at once. You will not find this option on the original Facebook page. Therefore, we need to use this toolkit to get an improved timeline and remove unnecessary pages and post from your Facebook account.

FaceBook Unliker tool only works with Google Chrome, so if you still don’t have Google Chrome on your device, download it right away.

Now, let’s discuss the working of FaceBook unlike toolkit. Follow the steps below:-

Step 1  - Download Google Chrome on your device to run Facebook unlike toolkit easily.

Step 2  - Now download and install Facebook social toolkit from your web browser.

Step 3  - You can now commence with the FaceBook social toolkit by clicking on it.

Step 4  - Once you open the toolkit, you will notice “Add to Chrome” button on the extreme right corner of the page. Click on that to add FaceBook toolkit to Chrome.

Step 5  - Now login to your Facebook account, you will see FaceBook social toolkit icon on the top. Click on it to start the application.

Step 6  - Open the features of the app, you will notice Unliker Pages option. You can now unlike all the pages together without wasting any more time.

Wrap Up

This was the easiest way to unlike all faceBook pages in a go. Undoubtedly, FaceBook social toolkit working amazingly well on your FaceBook account. It has a very simple and easy user interface to understand.

Give it a trial!!! 

Author’s bio  - Swatisharma is a Tech Geek, and loves to write about Topics related to Technology. She is the founder of  and many other tech blogs. Apart from writing, she loves running in marathon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tecno L8 Plus Hands On Review - Stylish With A Monster Battery, Photos Included

Hi guys and welcome to another special hands on review on KSB.

We stumbled upon one of Tecno's most stylish device with a monster battery the Tecno L8 Plus and thought of course to share one or two about it.

Tecno l8 hands on review

For the past couple of month we've seen Tecno unleash some of their best flagships from the Boom J8 to Camon C8 and C9 and of course the Tecno L8.

We're going to Share pics and details about the L8 plus.

  • 5000mAh Battery
  • Stylish Design


There's No doubt that the Tecno L8 is Tecno's most stylish device.

Tecno did a really good job here,while holding the L8 Plus you definitely know its a well built premium device, which was not one of Tecno's strongholds, but they came out with this stylish design that you have no choice but to fall in love with.

The L8 Plus has a 5.5 inches screen size for those who like it big.

with a 720 x 1280 resolution.

The Tecno L8 Plus has a very causual metallic body. One that makes the L8 to durable and beautiful.

It comes with variety of colors, we got the Champagne Gold color.


speakers are placed at the back.

Audio jack at the top *as usual*

Volume and power buttom at th right hand side of the device.

Tecno l8 review

USB placed under.

And another special button that the "battery Power Saver button" which puts your device on ultra battery saver mode.

Tecno l8 review

*dont know why Tecno added this button*

First time i pressed the button i thought it was the camera button for taking shots, funny me,

*Guess i didnt see that one coming*


Who doesn't love a phone with good camera.

Tecno l8 review

The Tecno L8 comes with a 8.0 Mega Pixel back camera and a flash with 2MP front facing camera.

Pretty decent i must say.

Although there other devices that have better camera than the L8 did not disappoints, the Camera still give good and clear shots.

See Photos Below.


The L8 comes with android version 5.1 lollipop

The software is beautifully designed


The Tecno L8 packs to 2GB of Random Access Memory which is a standard these days and 1.3GHz Quad core CPU.

It also comes with 16GB inbuit memory.

See screen shots below.

If you're a heavy gamer/game lover you be able to play top HD games on this device without lagging.


*drumroll please*

This is the part were Tecno out did themselve.

The Tecno L8 pack a 5000mAh non removable monster battery without any curve back, now you know why the L8 is so classy, it got the Nice Design, decent camera and to top it all a killer battery.

You find it hard to totally drain this beast on an average usage.

With hours upon hours of intense game play and/or video streaming.

On the screen shot below the battery percentages is at 97% which can last for up to 22 hours, on 100% full charge it last a day or more(hours).

On top of that there's a power saver button,*yeah that button i showed you earlier* which puts the device to Ultra Power Saving Mode.


It supports OTG charger, pretty awesome right?


THE L8 come with 3G.
Also supports the use of two sim cards.
But no 4GLTE *bummer*😒

See Pics of sim slots.

The L8 is a really cool device if you as me.


Like i said before "Tecno really out did themselve" from the Boom J8 to L8 did shows that Tecno has really revamped their products and we like it.

The L8 design and build can compete with most high end devices.

With decent camera and 2GB Ram for game play.

And beside the 5000mAh battery is really something that will make you go crazy over this device *if that does get you nothing will*

What do you think.
Tecno deserves a round of applause right???

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Good News:Samsung Offers Note 7 User $100 Off Another Galaxy Handset

Samsung note 7

Its quite sad what happening to Samsung.
It has since gone viral that the one of Samsung's best flagships the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is having some battery issue which causes overheat hence making the battery to explode.

In order to resolve the issue Samsung has started give a $100 refund to its Note seven customers who decides to switch to another Galaxy Handset.

There is also $25 of credit for customers who opted in for a refund.

The US Note 7 Refund and Exchange Program kicked off two days back.

Good move right???

Monday, September 5, 2016

3G Ram, 4100mAh Battery, 6-Inch HD Display : Meet The Meizu M3 Max

In a game dominated by the elite the Meizu M3 Max comes out strong.

A new device has being launched and it called Meizu M3 Max, and trust me this device is no joke.

Meizu m3 Max 3gb RAM 4100mah battery

It come with really eye pleasing specs that a lot of android fans on their feet.

Yes this isnt Samsung S6 or 7 review and the like but the Meizu M3 Max has something to bring to the table.


3G Ram
A Mega 4100mAh Battery Capacity
13 Megapixel Camera

                     THE DESIGN

For those of you that likes it big (i mean really big) the M3 Max got you.

The M3 Max come with a big 6-inches HD display, yoi can imagine gaming or watching movies on this device.
Crystal clear....

And finger print scanner.


This part i really like about the Meizu, coa it comes with a 13 Megapixel back camera for clear photo snapping and a decent 5 Megapixel front camera for selfies.

Also See :Gionee P5W Hand On Review


The M3 Max comes with 3GB Ram,perfect for heavy game play and Octa-cor3 1.8 GHz CPU.

Also M3 Max com3 with 64GB internal storage(big right) which is expandable.


Many will smile at this, the M3 Max comes with a whoop 4100mAh battery capacity which will last days without charge.

With support for fast charge.


The Meizu runs in and 6.0 Marshmallow and supports 4G VoLTE for fast browsing.
With dual Hybrid Sim cards.

Wait dont tell me you're not impressed the Meizu really came out strong.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Review: Meet The Sleek Gionee P5W First And Only Hands On Review

Hi guys, am happy to bring you the first ever hands on review on Kasysleek Blog. 

The review is on a device only few blogs have written on. 

While composing my review i did a search and found out that no blog as ever done a hands on review on the product and that baffles me cos this device in question is very sleek and from a well known brand that is Gionee hence the title.

No.. Its not Gionee's  M5 or other high end gionee product but rather its a budget phone the Gionee P5W or Gionee pioneer P5W. 

Gionee P5W hands on review

Am guessing most of you dont know much about the device well this article cover's it all. 

From Photos to Specs to performance this article gives you the full detail on the Gionee P5W. 





                      THE DESIGN

Gionee gave me a good first impression. 
The design of the gionee P5 is what got me writing the review and of cos you guys. 

The device is made of plastic..... Yes plastic.
The P5W is a sleek stylish device that will make you look twice when you see someone holding it, atleast i almost did it.

With a screen size of 5.0 inches and resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels with an IPS touchscreen display to give sharp and clear image.

Perfect for movie watching,  video streaming and lots.

            How The Gionne P5W Feels
                    When Holding It

The Gionne P5W has a nice grip its neither thin nor bulky nope, the Gionee is very sleek, it's just 8.9 milimetres and 153 gram.

The design is colorful with differences colors to suit your taste.
Though mine is the gold color. 

              VIEWS FROM THE SIDE

All the button were smartly place on the right side of the phone that is the volume and power buttons.


House the 3.5mm jack earphone port.

Gionee p5w specs and review


Houses the USB charger port.

                          THE BACK

Houses the 5 megapixels camera and led flash light.
Gionee p5w hand on review and specs

                       OTHER SPECS

                       THE CAMERA

The camera of the Gionee P5W is something special,although it just 5 megapixel it still gives super clear shots.

See photos of pic taken.

Check out the front camera shot

Yes am not a selfie junkie...hehehehe

Not bad for a 5 megapixel camera. 
Nice right Gionee does not let down in its camera spec.

                RAM AND PERFORMANCE

The P5W come with 1GB of ram and a 1.3GHz professor nice for game play. Although if you are a heavy gamer you may experience lagging and hanging over time.
If you are just an average game then you dont need to worry.

The P5W comes with 16GB ROM and can also take up to 128GB microSD card for storage expansion.


The p5w come with android version 5.1 lollipop which is ok don't know if it's upgradable yet.

                       THE BATTERY

Sadly the p5w packs 2000mAh  replaceable battery, not much though but last for a couple of hours on 3G browsing and movie watching.

But on normal usage it can last longshot

If your are looking to buy a device with high battery specs,  sorry the p5w is not the one.


The p5w has a inbuilt storage capacity of 16GB which is actually quite nice.


Network- 2G and 3G enabled.
Dual Sim Slots.

What else could you want from a budget phone.


Design 7.5 / 10

Processor and Ram: 6. 0/ 10

Battery: 4 / 10

Camera 6. 0/10

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ASAP Connect: USB Of The Future Crushes Goal For Pre-Order Campaign


Asap connect  usb charger

Consumers respond to product that makes connecting to an iOS or Android device super easy

(May 17, 2016) ASAP Connect, a revolutionary USB charging cable that uses 18K gold plated magnetic connectors that change how users connect to their phone forever, has rocketed through the first two weeks of its  Indiegogo campaign  to raise $117,470 or almost 400% of their goal from 2,281 backers.

ASAP Technologies’ Indiegogo campaign will run for six more weeks and are aiming to surpass the $300,000 stretch goal they set for the campaign.

ASAP Indiegog Campaign:
Watch The Video Here:

Heres Why The Asap USB is so Amazing.

ASAP Connect allows owners of iOS and Android devices to connect to any USB device quickly and seamlessly. ASAP’s patent-pending magnetic technology coupled with superior materials including rare earth neodymium magnets, 18K gold plated connectors, aluminum shielding and nylon braided cables provide instant and positive connection every time.

ASAP Connect is available for as little as $21 + shipping, comes in MicroUSB for Android devices or an ‘Alpha’ version for use with Apple devices that use a Lightning connector and will begin shipping in October 2016. The ASAP Connect crowdfunding campaign is currently live on  Indiegogo  and will end on July 2nd.

“The way that consumers have responded to ASAP Connect is proof that our thinking behind the product is spot-on,” said ASAP founder Vinson Leow. “By offering nothing short of a reinvention of the USB charging cable that anyone with a smartphone or tablet uses every single day. We believe we’ve hit the mark with ASAP Connect—a charging cable that leverages patented magnetic coupling technology and superior materials to offer a secure connection every single time.”

If you are interested in receiving a media sample please contact

ASAP Technologies is Technology disruptor with a team from Sydney to Los Angeles who believe users should be the developers and innovators of products, not corporations seeking profit over practicality. ASAP is a team of designers, engineers, and serial entrepreneurs who've worked together the last 2 years to bring this vision to life. ASAP Connect is the second crowd funded product from ASAP 


Meet The Gionne M2017 Android Phone That Cost Over $2000, Almost 1 Million Naira

Meet the Gionee M2017. Gionee"s latest flagship with a very big battery, but that's not the main reason am writing this article. ...