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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Top 5 Must Have Laptop Accessories You Need

Here are the top five accessories you need on your PC or laptop whether you use your laptop or pc for gaming or for business.
Most people after buying a laptop don't consider adding an accessory apart from maybe having a modem for browsing.
top laptop accessories

But of course there is a lot to consider but here are the top five.

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  • USB

Do you want to save important documents in devices other than your laptop then you need this, everyone needs this because someone somewhere is either transferring files or saving some., from USB cords to all USB enabled devices like modems, flash drive, mouse, am guessing almost all pc users have this device, because of the level of importance.
usb, usb must have gadgets for laptop


Like to listen to music while working or playing with your laptop, then headphone or earpiece is a must have.
laptop must have, headphone
If your laptop is the kind that really burns up during usage then I recommend you get this. 
As the name implies, this helps to reduce the amount of heat coming from the by reducing the operating temperature of the  PC but personally,I gotta say I've haven't seen this "cooling pad" anywhere but I advise you to get one since your laptop can get very hot at times.

cooling pads laptop must have

If you're the kind that likes to play music out loud then you definitely need these babies
laptop must have, specker laptop speckers

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Going somewhere?
Its no doubt that every laptop or pc owner needs this because you cant just carry your laptop like that just because its portable, although I have seen people doing it, you need a laptop bag for that.
Almost everyone has this I presume.

So that's the top 5 accessories for your laptop.
Feel free to comment on your suggestion and question.



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